Simultaneous Inspiration

There are patterns of simultaneous inspiration that occur outside of our ordinary 3D space-time. Most of us have read about the uncanny coincidence of Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell filing for the telephone patent within hours of each other. Bell filed first and he is credited as the sole inventor. This occurrence was very closely inspired and there are multiple stories of inspiration innocently stolen, such as George Harrison’s inadvertent plagiarism of “My Sweet Lord” from the melody “He’s So Fine” by The Chiffons. Considering Harrison’s fame and wealth at the time, there is a consensual agreement that this was most likely an unconscious action on his behalf.

Many times there are similar ideas that arise across vast distances without any shared communication between inventors or artists. Is this merely coincidence or evidence of simultaneous connection within the collective unconscious? Ideas are usually spread through memes, media and word of mouth but sometimes there are mysterious inspirations that seem to pop out of the collective unconscious for those who are ready to receive them. There are always ideas that are just waiting to be born and if one person does not act on the information, someone else always will. You need to move quickly in the aetheric field if you hope to have an impact.

Two Authors; Same Idea

Vibrational Frequencies

Kathryn Kivana, said in her book Intuition In An Instant that it all boils down to frequency. Frequency is how your mind works on everything, on anything. Once you learn you are connected and consciously (decide to) become connected to the frequencies, virtually anything can be done.


“The truth is it all boils down to frequency. Frequency is how your mind works on everything, on anything. Once you learn that you are connected and become connected to the frequencies, virtually anything can be done.” quote by Leroy Bull.

Telepathic Routes

Sending and receiving are survival skills that have ceased to be important or used in modern societies.


All ideas even are “up in the air”, or in the aether and if you are tuned into them you will pick them up.


Thought’s vibrations are an energy that is received in the field/aether. It is the place where changes in space occur.

The field and energy are one and inseparable. The field or person becomes the embodiment of the word or energy received. The thinker and the thought, the operator and the subject, the energy and the field are one.

Emotive Thought

Energy generated by emotive thought may act on the environment electromagnetically, affecting one’s immediate surroundings.

One interesting phenomena of poltergeists is their ability to create entirely new items in the room along with the disappearance of objects, rapping, moving furniture, etc. This seems to demonstrate an ability to create something out of a subconscious psi-kinetic thought.

Apollo 13

One Saturday night in the late nineties I was watching the Tom Hanks movie ‘Apollo 13’ on cable when I had an epiphany. It happened at that gripping moment in the movie when the space crew was about to reenter the earth’s atmosphere. Family and colleagues of the crew were praying, even the President called on the nation to “pray for the safe return of the Apollo 13 crew.”

Sitting on my couch, I was crying and I found myself praying too. I felt silly for crying and being so caught up in the movie. Drying my tears, I realized it might not be so silly, that in the Block Universe View my prayers really did matter. Even though I was praying twenty-five years after the fact, my prayers were still impacting on the aetheric web at that exact moment in 1970, and they were joined with all the other prayers occurring at the original moment, and anyone else like me in every future moment. It wasn’t silly to be praying, in fact, I would be remiss not to pray.

That historical depictions from books and movies are able draw down the power of prayer from the future is a most significant and beneficial aspect of the Block View. Our prayers do matter and time is not a barrier in the Block Universe View, which also happens to be the view of God our Creator.

Dr. Bruno Klopfer’s Placebo Effect

Why it is important to connect intention with belief?

I wanted to end my chapter “To Believe & To Know” with the story of Klopfer and Krebiozen. It was one of the first anomalous stories that grabbed my interest on the subject of mind and intention.

In 1957 Dr. Klopfer was treating a patient for advanced lymphoma; who was expected to die within two weeks. Then appeared on the scene an experimental drug called Krebiozen and Dr. Klopfer immediately used it on his patient. It was later discovered to be totally ineffective for treating cancer, but the patient didn’t know that at that time.

Dr. Klopfer’s patient quickly recovered when he took the Krebiozen. It was extraordinary that a person completely bedridden, fragile, and just gasping for air was now up walking around, chatting with people, spreading the good news of his good luck.

The tumors shrunk and the patient resumed his usual pastime of flying his plane. He was fine for about ten days until news reports of the ineffectiveness of Krebiozen became public. Dr. Klopfer was wise enough to tell his patient to ignore the negative news reports and gave him water injections, saying it was a new refined double strength product. The patient was again on an upswing, his recovery even more dramatic than the first time. This ‘belief’ lasted two months until the American Medical Association announced that the drug Krebiozen was totally worthless.

As you can guess by now, the patient deteriorated rapidly and was dead in two days.

After I read this story of Dr. Bruno Klopfer’s placebo effect I began to study the connection between intention and belief. This search included the effects of both positive and negative belief. It seemed worth investigating the possibility that not only can our thoughts bring positive outcomes to our lives, but it seems our beliefs can be fatal to us as well.

The implications are so amazing and yet frightening, that you have to ask yourself “What am I doing to my body with my beliefs?”

Power of Emotion

We must be careful of our moods, as there is an unbroken connection between feelings and the visible world. Emotion is an often misunderstood property of intention, it needs to be controlled to achieve the ideal effects. When properly channeled we are able to master the ‘ideal’ in our lives.

An inexplicable arrival or departure of a mood can be a sign that those around you are feeling very strong emotions. Subconsciously most people will not feel other’s emotions unless there is something within them that resonates with their feelings. The emotions of other peopel will travel straight through unless there is something inside of you, such as a similar experience, to which the emotion can attach.

Highly sensitive people however can feel the emotions of almost everyone. This can become intrusive and destructive if these people are not aware that is what is happening to them, which is that they are ‘aetherically open.’ This is why we are to pray to our guardians to protect us. Highly sensitive people first need to become aware of what is taking place on a subliminal level to protect themselves from the unwanted emotional energies of other people. Remember that all of this happens at the subconscious level. You can still consciously choose what will affect you just as you can consciously choose to influence the hologram in a different operating mode (mood) of the mind.

At certain times in our lives, such as puberty, menopause, and andropause, we have a huge untapped resource in our bodies. These changes in hormonal energy can be built up and released into the aether to create an impact on the material world. We do this subconsciously all the time. However, we need to take conscious charge, and to pay attention to this energy to direct its aim for what we want in our lives.

Some people have an excess storage of energy and they instantly manifest ‘energy-charged’ lives. Two types come to mind. The first are the drama addicts, whose lives are in constant turmoil. These people actually draw on this turmoil of energy for attention. The other type is those who seem to have a lot of bad luck. Both types are potent manifestors who do not realize the erratic impact they are actually having on their lives. They also do not seem to be aware of how they could use their natural potential to build lives of health and happiness.

There are three stages to master our emotions and direct them consciously.

The first stage is belief. We must believe that our thoughts have an impact, that the laws of intention are real and that we have access to these laws that consist of thought’s cause, thought’s effect and thought’s outcome.

Secondly, we must pay attention. By paying attention to cause and effect in our lives, and others we begin to recognize how our thoughts determine the events in our lives. Note that it can be easier to recognize these patterns in others, than in ourselves.

Thirdly, we are to act on what we know. It must be practiced so we can feel its aetheric ‘flow’ and so that our conscious mind can confirm our supernatural experiences. The supernatural must become a ‘known’ for the new information to transfer to the subconscious. Once the subconscious accepts an idea as real (possible) it then sets out to actualize this belief in the physical world.

Using intention techniques without convincing evidence is useless. It must believed wholly and completely in the conscious mind for your subconscious to carry out the work. And it does – when your ‘belief’ changes to a ‘known’.

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