Conscious Living

Conscious living is the term used to describe a way of life for people who are conscious that there is both a material and a spiritual aspect of the self. This knowledge leads one to wholistic health in both mind and body.

From this point of awareness one can achieve an abundant life no matter what their current circumstances. Real joy is in the spirit of living, not in material things.

We know that states of mind influence our attitudes, which shape our experience. Conscious awareness can direct us to the path of internal happiness, which is the ultimate purpose of our lives.

Conscious awareness is a higher form of consciousness because it enables one to know God and to know oneself fully.

With conscious awareness one seeks to know all the workings of God from a wholly conscious point of view rather than from a fragmented view.

One may see more of the truth than others who do not have a fully conscious viewpoint. You become like the one-eyed King in the Land of the Blind.

Life needs to be studied and understood from all our dimensions. We cannot deny the spirit, because it is what directs our physical and mental bodies. Spirit is what truly moves us to achieve anything. In work , in sports, in art and especially in love, it is the spirit of God in oneself that is unfolding.

The pages within this site are dedicated to discovering and understanding all the multifaceted dimensions of the human being and the world we live in.

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