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Hologram of a Light-Body

All of our personal time exists in a photosphere aura that surrounds us as our mental body. This mental body sustains our ‘current form’ of how we look now, while still holding information from our past, so as to construct the persona and age that we are in the present.

The human aura surrounds us with all the experiences, words and thoughts we have had since our birth. In the present moment we exist in the center, but these imprints are all around in our aura. It is ethereal record that mystics read. Time moves from this center, outward in a circular spiral around our bodies.

Now leap to this idea; world history also moves in the same way. At a dark period in history, the world’s emotional climate was centered on dark, heavy and negative currents. At other times various cultures and civilizations lived in gilded ages where people were productive and co-existed in harmony. These enlightened times were achieved by a shift in thinking by only a small portion of the population. You matter in the hologram and it does matter that your center is living in the positive because your positivity is part of the whole.

“Psychologists, Anderson and Bentov originated the thesis that the entire information in the universe was encoded holographically in the energy pattern that constantly bombards us.”

The whole needs positive light to change the hologram and to shift its center to the light. Only a small portion of the world’s population needs to reach this compassionate state in order for it to be reflected in the hologram, and literally we can become the light of the world.

Frequencies in the Holographic Field

Thought forms that exist in the higher frequency dimensions of the Spiritual Hologram can be directed downward to the frequencies that exist on the conscious and subconscious levels of mind. On either of these levels they can be picked up by people who are sufficiently prepared enough to receive them.

Since each person is already part the hologram, mind reading is merely opening up one’s own psyche to that which is already present. It is the realization of the inherent self-transcendent qualities in us that opens the door. Belief being one of the requirements to access it.

Our Part in the Hologram

Creation is a gigantic hologram over which we have more influence than is generally understood or believed.

Through proper training each person has the potential to be an active creator within this holographic structure, thereby increasing their physical, emotional and mental wholeness.

Not only is each person a part of the whole aetheric field, we also contain the ‘whole’ within us. The aether is holographic and it is spiritual because we are tiny fragments of God who created us. But we are not God. Not even close. However, we can all access the God-Potential to create goodness and love in the world; this is our gift from God, the choice to assist in the raising of the earth and each other.

That is our purpose, made in God’s image of ‘creator’, we are invited to light up our tiny fragment of the hologram because it makes a difference. Our tiny piece in the spiritual hologram truly impacts the whole and the world can be made whole by one. It begins with you.

Holographic Cell Memory

There is a theory that our thoughts are somehow encoded in our tissues, that they retain a “cellular memory.” This remains the forerunning explanation for odd occurrences in the lives of organ donor recipients who experience strong food cravings such as a Connecticut woman who after receiving the heart of an 18 year old boy suddenly began to crave beer and chicken nuggets.

If organs do carry evidence, even anecdotal, of cellular memory, it gives credence to the psychometry of objects holding the “thought patterns” of their owners. That a skin cell is a cell that can hold our thoughts is truly amazing.

What is more amazing is the wisdom of the ancients who knew this instinctively without the benefit of a modern medical miracle to give this idea weight. Though there is still no empirical evidence of this actually occurring, I believe it will be proven to exist outside the cell, in its own photosphere. “It” being the consciousness of the person.

We as people have this holographic consciousness that can both impact the whole of consciousness as well as tap any part of the collective conscious, in the past, present and future.

The now is where the center is.

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