Dr. Bruno Klopfer’s Placebo Effect

Why it is important to connect intention with belief?

I wanted to end my chapter “To Believe & To Know” with the story of Klopfer and Krebiozen. It was one of the first anomalous stories that grabbed my interest on the subject of mind and intention.

In 1957 Dr. Klopfer was treating a patient for advanced lymphoma; who was expected to die within two weeks. Then appeared on the scene an experimental drug called Krebiozen and Dr. Klopfer immediately used it on his patient. It was later discovered to be totally ineffective for treating cancer, but the patient didn’t know that at that time.

Dr. Klopfer’s patient quickly recovered when he took the Krebiozen. It was extraordinary that a person completely bedridden, fragile, and just gasping for air was now up walking around, chatting with people, spreading the good news of his good luck.

The tumors shrunk and the patient resumed his usual pastime of flying his plane. He was fine for about ten days until news reports of the ineffectiveness of Krebiozen became public. Dr. Klopfer was wise enough to tell his patient to ignore the negative news reports and gave him water injections, saying it was a new refined double strength product. The patient was again on an upswing, his recovery even more dramatic than the first time. This ‘belief’ lasted two months until the American Medical Association announced that the drug Krebiozen was totally worthless.

As you can guess by now, the patient deteriorated rapidly and was dead in two days.

After I read this story of Dr. Bruno Klopfer’s placebo effect I began to study the connection between intention and belief. This search included the effects of both positive and negative belief. It seemed worth investigating the possibility that not only can our thoughts bring positive outcomes to our lives, but it seems our beliefs can be fatal to us as well.

The implications are so amazing and yet frightening, that you have to ask yourself “What am I doing to my body with my beliefs?”

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  1. Susan Klopfer | Speak Loud Magazine September 16, 2013 at 10:10 pm Reply

    […] Dr. Bruno Klopfer’s Placebo Effect (spiritualhologram.com) […]

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