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Law of Expansion – Connecting Time

If science is the study of the process of cause and effect, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to work backward with the law of intention and attraction.

Pick one thing in your life that is going on right now. Focus on either your career, a relationship, even a talent or hobby that you have. Then honestly look at how this situation came about. By working backward you can follow the story as it unfolded from the very beginning, right up to the moment as it gave birth as just a thought.

This one practice is so valuable, that if you work backward on your life’s many situations, you can’t help but have a spiritual awakening. You will awake to the full understanding of what manifestation is and why our thoughts and decision should be well chosen.

What you focus on; expands. The first door ‘into’ your kingdom within is to view events in your life backwards.

Choose one part of your life, such as your career or a relationship and follow it backward until you get to the beginning point, at the point of that very first thought, about your career, or a person in your life.

Also note the synchronicities around this part of your life. Take note and question the little (or big) coincidences that brought you to this point in your life. If you get into the right study-mode of your life you will also begin to notice things or events in your life that ‘fell away’; all those ‘what-ifs’ from your life, the people or the job offer that drifted quickly in and out of your life and its disappearance of presence in your life occurred precisely because of your diminished attention to it.

By the ‘backward’ practice review of your choices, you begin to understand your life, how it unfolds and appears in the physical. You then become a master planner in your life.

Apollo 13

One Saturday night in the late nineties I was watching the Tom Hanks movie ‘Apollo 13’ on cable when I had an epiphany. It happened at that gripping moment in the movie when the space crew was about to reenter the earth’s atmosphere. Family and colleagues of the crew were praying, even the President called on the nation to “pray for the safe return of the Apollo 13 crew.”

Sitting on my couch, I was crying and I found myself praying too. I felt silly for crying and being so caught up in the movie. Drying my tears, I realized it might not be so silly, that in the Block Universe View my prayers really did matter. Even though I was praying twenty-five years after the fact, my prayers were still impacting on the aetheric web at that exact moment in 1970, and they were joined with all the other prayers occurring at the original moment, and anyone else like me in every future moment. It wasn’t silly to be praying, in fact, I would be remiss not to pray.

That historical depictions from books and movies are able draw down the power of prayer from the future is a most significant and beneficial aspect of the Block View. Our prayers do matter and time is not a barrier in the Block Universe View, which also happens to be the view of God our Creator.

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