In the Spiritual Hologram each person reflects a piece of the whole. and just as one candle can bring light to the darkness, your love and light can bring healing to others in the hologram.

In part, each one of us is responsible for what is now occurring in the world and we have a duty to help the world and each other through our loving thoughts and prayers.

Humankind is awakening to the realization that our thoughts matter and that thoughts impact our lives at every level of our being. Our thoughts can and do make a difference because each one of us is a tiny reflection in the Spiritual Hologram. Consciously or unconsciously our thoughts are impacting the whole for good or for bad.

“The Spiritual Hologram” reveals the power, impact and reasoning behind the deepest mysteries of what it means to be human. This book explains why and how we are to use the greatest gift given to us by God, our mind.

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