Vibrational Harmony

Vibrational Harmony

We are also attuned to others whose vibrational tone is similar to our own. It is natural for us to want to get in tune enough with another so as to create a harmonious resonance.

We’ve all had feeling of ‘clicking’ with someone we just met. They agree with us on so many subjects, finding something to talk about is easy. It has a natural flow. We can also recall the opposite situation arising. Recall the last time when you were with someone and the conversation was strained, and stilted. Talking about the weather was the about the only thing you would have had in common to talk about, beyond that, all conversation was either boring or difficult. What you are feeling, even now, is the feeling of being with someone who wasn’t in tune with you.

These situations and the feelings you associate with these different experiences is the aetheric field operating around you. In each of these situations there is an invisible electromagnetic field around you that is vibrating. The vibrational field reverberates back to your physical body the type of symphony that is playing out in your conversation. On a vibrational scale it can be anything from a perfect harmony to disastrous cacophony.

The fields around both your bodies are playing an actual musical tune that becomes etched on the aether. To further complicate this symphony of the spoken conversation is the subconscious conversation that is taking place concurrently with the conscious one.

In other words, people really are thinking ‘you’re full of it’ or ‘would you get to the point already’ when you think they may be thinking that, because you are picking this up subconsciously. But if you paid attention, you would be able to consciously follow the entire subconscious conversation.

Understand that there are always two perceptions of reality taking place. In every conversation there really are two conversations going on, one is the conscious conversation and there is a subconscious perception going on as well. At the subconscious level we receive approximately four hundred million bits of information per second and at the conscious level we only perceive around two thousand bits per second.

Our subconscious is analyzing and sorting data all the time, at speeds much faster than the speed of light. Our subconscious picks up everything in the subtle bodies and in the surrounding aetheric field.

The aether is made up of EM waves of all the thoughts and energies of the bodies in the room. To sense this energy is to pay attention to what your subconscious is reading because it is within your natural ability to hone this sense.

Our sixth sense can detect changes in the field and it can interpret what the impression is. Just like we can tell the difference with our eyes closed if we are touching a feather pillow or a wooden bedframe, our intuitive sense can tell the difference between the ‘sharp dent of anger’ versus the ‘soft curve of contentment’ in the aether around the other person.

Once you know about this mystery of mind in conversation, you can begin to sense it. Sometimes the secondary conversation is what is leading the consciously expressed one.

Pay attention, it happens every time people are talking. You have dozens of chances a day to observe this subliminal phenomenon, but you have to begin.

Families, especially dysfunctional families, have their own unique subliminal conversations going on all the time. For family, words aren’t even required for subconscious conversations to take place. Imagine your least favorite relative. The one you have to put up with at family functions a couple times of year. Even though your detestable sister or brother-in-law is way across the room, you two are hearing each other loud and clear. If not, how did you establish your mutually required distance?

Contrary to that scene our favorites and our cherished ones are right beside us, like migratory birds. We migrate to each other through a magnetic field of vibrational light, sensing those who are like us. Truly, birds of a feather flock together.

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