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No Greater Joy

There is joy.

A Future Historical Perspective

In a generation or two, people are going to look back and say, “I think a real change in human consciousness began around the year 2012.” There will exist a deep awareness that something profound happened in terms of human awareness.

Edgar Cayce would say that it is something we should tap into. In fact, on one occasion he gave this very reading to a woman and told her that, “Only those who are actually preparing for a New Age will ever become aware of what is going on around them.” In other words, we might be entering into a New Age but many people won’t have a sense that anything is different.

Maybe you were one of those who woke up on December 22, 2012, and said, “Well nothing happened.” But in truth, there is a huge change of energy going on, and as the Cayce readings suggest, if we want to be a part of that, we should begin to apply the highest ideals in terms of our relationships with other people and with our connection to the Divine.

It is time we connected with the spiritual side of our selves, no matter what our religious beliefs. The world is in a heap of trouble from impending financial collapse, environmental disasters and increasing violence in many regions of the world. There is rampant greed, inequality and injustice. The root of all of these problems is only one thing; selfishness.

Consciousness needs to make a shift to compassion and concern for each other, because what affects one person impacts the whole world. We are just beginning to wake-up to the fact that, on this little blue planet, we are all dependent on each other. We cannot escape the consequences of the decisions that each other makes.

Human beings are now on the edge of a new world of cooperation, peace and love. You can become one of those who are ‘aware’ and be one of those who takes part in bringing this about. Only a small portion of the population is needed to bring light to the darkness. Have no doubt this is going to happen, it is only a matter of time. Reach out to your destiny and join in prayer with those who are preparing for a world full of Divine love.

Law of Expansion – Connecting Time

If science is the study of the process of cause and effect, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to work backward with the law of intention and attraction.

Pick one thing in your life that is going on right now. Focus on either your career, a relationship, even a talent or hobby that you have. Then honestly look at how this situation came about. By working backward you can follow the story as it unfolded from the very beginning, right up to the moment as it gave birth as just a thought.

This one practice is so valuable, that if you work backward on your life’s many situations, you can’t help but have a spiritual awakening. You will awake to the full understanding of what manifestation is and why our thoughts and decision should be well chosen.

What you focus on; expands. The first door ‘into’ your kingdom within is to view events in your life backwards.

Choose one part of your life, such as your career or a relationship and follow it backward until you get to the beginning point, at the point of that very first thought, about your career, or a person in your life.

Also note the synchronicities around this part of your life. Take note and question the little (or big) coincidences that brought you to this point in your life. If you get into the right study-mode of your life you will also begin to notice things or events in your life that ‘fell away’; all those ‘what-ifs’ from your life, the people or the job offer that drifted quickly in and out of your life and its disappearance of presence in your life occurred precisely because of your diminished attention to it.

By the ‘backward’ practice review of your choices, you begin to understand your life, how it unfolds and appears in the physical. You then become a master planner in your life.

Emotive Thought

Energy generated by emotive thought may act on the environment electromagnetically, affecting one’s immediate surroundings.

One interesting phenomena of poltergeists is their ability to create entirely new items in the room along with the disappearance of objects, rapping, moving furniture, etc. This seems to demonstrate an ability to create something out of a subconscious psi-kinetic thought.

How Our Thoughts Shape Us

Every thought we have ever had, have, or will have affects us on a mental, physical, and spiritual level and as we shall see, our thoughts can affect other people on each of these three planes as well.

As human minds in the ‘collective unconscious’, we are what we think and we are also what others think about us. This is a very complex mixture made up of all the continuous subconscious communication that is constantly changing our concept of ‘self.’ Our idea of our-self changes in accord with new perceptions that we develop, as well as by the impressions that others have of us. Our reputation and character is as much the result of the thoughts we project about ourselves as it is the impressions that others have about us.

At first, it was disturbing to me that other people’s opinions and thoughts of me could actually affect me, let alone change the essence of my character, but first, let us consider the possibility of this reality.

Since we are ‘one’ and connected in the universal mind and we are ‘thoughts’ in this mind, then we exist elsewhere, even if only temporarily, whenever another person thinks of us. In the Spiritual Hologram, a very real interaction is taking place on the other dimensions. There is a subconscious energy exchange taking place that affects the outcome of our lives at every level, because we are spiritual beings within the Spiritual Hologram.

For example, try to recall a time when you were angry with someone and had some negative thoughts about them. The thoughts you have about that person first develop in your aura’s energy field and begin there to manifest its own energy. These thoughts are simultaneously transferred to the energy field of the other person. The impact these thoughts have on the person are directly proportional to the spiritual state of their own aura. In other words, if their mental and spiritual state is as toxic as the thoughts you sent them, then your thoughts would penetrate their aura and remain there. Our auric field forms the character of who we are and it is subconsciously perceptible. Though not everyone is consciously aware of it, this is how we get those first impressions of people and how we know when something is wrong or different about those closest to us. It is our subconscious apparatus detecting information in the spiritual energy field.

We open ourselves up to potential damage from other’s thoughts when our own thoughts are negative and low. This low and heavy vibration then becomes the primary quality of our mental body. Without self-correction; we begin to attract more of the low vibratory thoughts that others have about us. It can become an endless cycle of negativity, blackness and depression.

We can protect ourselves through prayer and with visualizations at the start and end of each day, but it is easier not to dwell on negative thoughts in the first place than it is to try to protect oneself continually. We are recompensed in life according to our thoughts. Our life is the outcome of what we regularly think about, just as our aura’s energy field is a combination of what we think about as well as what others think about us.

We are also attracted to those whose energy fields are similar to our own. It is natural for us to want to get close to people who are like us because of the coherence that our fields create. We have all had that feeling of ‘clicking’ with someone we just met. They agree with us on so many subjects and the conversation has an easy natural flow. It just feels right. We can also recall the opposite situation of being with someone we don’t mesh with. The conversation is strained and stilted or boring and difficult. That uncomfortable feeling is the incompatible energy of our auras being exposed to each other. Literally, we are rubbing each other the wrong way.

These situations and the feelings you associate with these different experiences is the aetheric field operating around you. In each of these situations there is an invisible electromagnetic field around you that is vibrating at various frequencies. The vibrational field reverberates back to your physical body the type of symphony that is playing out in your conversation. On a vibrational scale it can be anything from perfect harmony to a disastrous cacophony. The fields around both your bodies are playing a metaphysical melody that becomes etched on the aether.

To further complicate this symphony of our spoken conversation is the subconscious conversation that is taking place at the same time. Though we may not aware of it, there are two conversations going on all the time in our interactions with others.

For example, if you have ever had that feeling that, people really are thinking ‘you’re full of it’ or ‘would you get to the point already’ they probably are. We are always picking up this information subconsciously and we can learn to read this information consciously.

At the subconscious level we receive approximately four hundred million bits of information per second and at the conscious level we only perceive around two thousand bits per second. Our subconscious analyzes and sorts data at superluminal speeds (speeds much faster than the speed of light). Our subconscious picks up everything in the subtle body of the auric field. It is within our natural ability to hone our sixth sense to detect changes in the field and interpret what the impressions are. Just as we can tell the difference with our eyes closed if we are touching a feather pillow or a wooden bed-frame, our intuitive sense can tell the difference between the ‘sharp dent of anger’ versus the ‘soft curve of contentment’ in the auric field around the other person.

Knowledge of this mystery of mind in conversation actually helps you to sense it. In time you will find that the secondary conversation is what is really leading the consciously expressed one. We all have several chances a day to observe this subliminal phenomenon that happens every time people are talking.

For example, families have their own unique subliminal conversations going on all the time. When we have lived with or known someone for a long time, words aren’t even required for subconscious conversations to take place. Or just imagine your least favorite relative, the one you have to put up with at family functions a couple times of year. Even though that detestable sister or brother-in-law is way across the room, you two are hearing each other loud and clear. We usually establish a mutually required distance with people we are not in resonance with. Contrary to that scene our favorites and our cherished ones are right beside us, like migratory birds. We migrate to each other through a magnetic field of vibrational light, sensing those who are like us. Truly, birds of a feather flock together.

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