Giving up Aether’s Secrets

There is a special talent to creating matter from energy through the use of thought. First keep in mind the natural electromagnetic waves that emanate from our thoughts also impact on the aether around you.

An idea originates in the mind and all thoughts and words become imprinted on the aether. This is because there is a creation of plasmatic energy from the electrical current of your thought. This electromagnetic thought produces a plasma of energy floating in your aura. For now, visualize this thought as forming into a material ball of plasma energy right in front of you.

You can do one of two things with this thought, one, you can let this thought drift from your mind and it will become as wisp of smoke that will dissipate in time because you haven’t added any energy to its mass. Or two, you can meditate or contemplate this thought over and over until your repetitive attention has created an energetic pattern in the field which will remain permanent. It all depends on the amount of time and effort you put into this ideal. I say ideal, because in reality (this dimension) it is a wish or a hope for a future outcome for your life.

In ancient texts and esoteric literature there is much written about the power of emotion and how this adds energy to what we are trying to achieve. What is not explained however, is the process on how to focus this emotion.

Emotion comes from a raw, undisciplined part of us and when it is coupled with the logic of our thought we should be moving this ‘plasma of energy’ into the feeling center of our heart.

The human heart has many times more the electrical activity than that of the brain. This has been scientifically measured and it shows that the real power of emotion is the feeling from our hearts. We actually produce electromagnetic imprints on the field.

To create our ideal we need to move those thoughts from our minds into our hearts as this projects thought’s electromagnetic energy into the aether. This action builds a permanent structure in the aether and that is what gives rise to the hologram noticing the ‘signal’ we have put out there. The Universe has to respond, it is a fundamental law of itself.

For most of man’s existence on earth we were unaware we had a brain or a heart. We didn’t understand the circulatory system, let alone understand how the endocrine system, cells, molecules or chemicals of emotions worked. And it was only recently that we discovered that our bodies generated electricity, light and a magnetic field.

Our subtle energy systems are real and though we haven’t unlocked the mystery of the aether, we are close because evidence points to its existence.

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