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Potential of the Aether

The aether (aka the field or matrix) contains the solutions to all of our problems, the majority of which, especially the small ones, self-solve themselves there. A great intellect isn’t required either since the solution already exists in the aether. The rule is this; if we don’t go into the maze and don’t interfere with the potential of the aether, a solution will come by itself. Moreover it will be the optimal solution.

Remember all problems contain coded keys to its own solution. The very first key is to move along the path of least resistance. Desire and wishing always creates excessive wanting. Intention does not wish for it, it simply acts.

Anxiety occurs because you are worried that you won’t get want you want. But that is the problem with wanting. A want differs from intention, by its probability of it not coming true. An intention is a declaration of having it – that’s that. For example an intention to be able to give an excellent speech should carry the same aetheric potential as your intention to go down to the store to buy milk. There is no desire in that situation; it only exists the moment you decide to go through with it. The probability of the store being out of milk is very slim and if you can’t buy milk, it won’t be a disaster. That is how intention in this situation if free from desire and any excessive anxiety and that is how intention for anything in your life should be approached.

Trust that you will get what you want by radiating on the frequency of those tracks, where you already have what you want, because this is what increases the odds that you will.

To get closer to having your intention take place you must lower its significance. External influence has nothing in common with our internal intention to affect the world.

External influence cannot be obtained using internal intention, no matter how strong it is. It is a difficult and ephemeral condition to describe. It is like making a transfer along your life tracks, where you jump to another point in the aetheric web. For example if you want to move from illness to health, you first move from point ato point bmentally. In this you are jumping in the aether from one place to another in the web. You must first do it mentally if you expect to see it unfold in the physical dimension.

These things do happen once the soul and mind agree on something. When this condition of agreement has been fulfilled, a resonance is created between the radiation of mental energy and the external force, which catches us and transfers us to a corresponding sector in the aether. Remember the laws of polarity; health is on one end of the scale and its and corresponding vibration of illness is on the other end, just like wealth and poverty, fear and love, etc.

External intention is the force that essentially makes aether sliding happen. It’s not entirely understood why this force exists and where it comes from. I think it is a component of the creator potential. The important thing is that we know this force exists and that we can use it without fully understanding how it works.

External intention indicates that it is possible for consciousness to move along the points of the aether. It works the same as gravity, if you stand by the ledge on a roof, nothing happens, but when you take a step forward, gravity happens.

It is a law, an agreement between your soul and mind for your intention to occur. It is to be done without attachment to the outcome. Attachment gives rise to doubt because while the soul sees what it wants, the mind is tangled in a net of common sense of how it should happen.

This is why ‘seeing’ the end result and letting go of how it will happen, is what will bring about your intention. Work on your goals as you live from day to day and don’t worry over the details of how it will all come about. Keep the end goal in mind without attaching importance. This is key to how you enter into the flow and ebb of life in the space-time of the aether.

There is a way of manipulating matter (rites of flow) and energy (will to will) so as to produce what modern science calls a ‘field of force’. This field acts on you as the observer and puts you in position of opportunity in relation to the universe.
You must become what you will to become. The universe is on your side and once the intention is set in motion there is only one way to stop this event; by producing another energy field.

Therefore, if you discover your field of force going in the wrong direction you have the means to change it. However, you must first recognize where you are in the universe and determine what it is you want to be.

Power of Emotion

We must be careful of our moods, as there is an unbroken connection between feelings and the visible world. Emotion is an often misunderstood property of intention, it needs to be controlled to achieve the ideal effects. When properly channeled we are able to master the ‘ideal’ in our lives.

An inexplicable arrival or departure of a mood can be a sign that those around you are feeling very strong emotions. Subconsciously most people will not feel other’s emotions unless there is something within them that resonates with their feelings. The emotions of other peopel will travel straight through unless there is something inside of you, such as a similar experience, to which the emotion can attach.

Highly sensitive people however can feel the emotions of almost everyone. This can become intrusive and destructive if these people are not aware that is what is happening to them, which is that they are ‘aetherically open.’ This is why we are to pray to our guardians to protect us. Highly sensitive people first need to become aware of what is taking place on a subliminal level to protect themselves from the unwanted emotional energies of other people. Remember that all of this happens at the subconscious level. You can still consciously choose what will affect you just as you can consciously choose to influence the hologram in a different operating mode (mood) of the mind.

At certain times in our lives, such as puberty, menopause, and andropause, we have a huge untapped resource in our bodies. These changes in hormonal energy can be built up and released into the aether to create an impact on the material world. We do this subconsciously all the time. However, we need to take conscious charge, and to pay attention to this energy to direct its aim for what we want in our lives.

Some people have an excess storage of energy and they instantly manifest ‘energy-charged’ lives. Two types come to mind. The first are the drama addicts, whose lives are in constant turmoil. These people actually draw on this turmoil of energy for attention. The other type is those who seem to have a lot of bad luck. Both types are potent manifestors who do not realize the erratic impact they are actually having on their lives. They also do not seem to be aware of how they could use their natural potential to build lives of health and happiness.

There are three stages to master our emotions and direct them consciously.

The first stage is belief. We must believe that our thoughts have an impact, that the laws of intention are real and that we have access to these laws that consist of thought’s cause, thought’s effect and thought’s outcome.

Secondly, we must pay attention. By paying attention to cause and effect in our lives, and others we begin to recognize how our thoughts determine the events in our lives. Note that it can be easier to recognize these patterns in others, than in ourselves.

Thirdly, we are to act on what we know. It must be practiced so we can feel its aetheric ‘flow’ and so that our conscious mind can confirm our supernatural experiences. The supernatural must become a ‘known’ for the new information to transfer to the subconscious. Once the subconscious accepts an idea as real (possible) it then sets out to actualize this belief in the physical world.

Using intention techniques without convincing evidence is useless. It must believed wholly and completely in the conscious mind for your subconscious to carry out the work. And it does – when your ‘belief’ changes to a ‘known’.

The Mystical Juncture

The subconscious can exaggerate every thought that we have. Every bad thought becomes worse but likewise every good thought becomes better.

On days when you are feeling particularly discouraged and down in the dumps, the best way to move out of this state of mind is to simply hang on. ‘Hang on’ is an old adage that means that we are to suspend all action until some time passes.

Whenever anxiety and fear are allowed by your conscious mind to take root in your subconscious mind it, it becomes exactly that ‘rooted.’ When this happens it becomes harder to remove. This is a metaphysical phenomenon of the natural law.

The sooner we can remove the negative thoughts, the quicker the rebound to a happier self. This takes conscious practice, because when life goes awry in any way from financial to relationships, it is in these moments when you show your mettle. It is then that we discover what we are truly made of by how quickly we rise above the anxiety of these moments.

By floating above the cacophony of the moment and believing it will be better tomorrow is what moves us out of the negative zone. If we can just ‘hang on’ for one more day without imagining the worst or wallowing in worry, our trusting attitude will hold back the black hounds of hell until life can readjust. It’s important to keep those negative thoughts outside; we all hear the negative self talk, but keep shutting the door on limiting and destructive thoughts.

Even if there was collateral damage in your physical world, a positive attitude minimizes the damage to your subconscious and your future outcomes. You may not see the effects immediately, especially if your life is in turmoil, but overall your life becomes better over time. This is because you are weeding out negative roots that will make room to grow what it is you truly desire.

Planting an idea, and watering it with your belief internally will sprout reality as matter in the world externally. This planting pops up as opportunities and coincidences. It brings into your life people who will assist you. Doors seem to open exactly when you need them to. This all seems very magical, but all that is happening is that you are cultivating the original intent you planted.

Watching with detachment moves you into the realm of watching with interest in how it will turn out, but with no vested interest that it must. We increase the probability of it occurring, because we are not creating excessive ‘want.’ Excessive want only produces more want. It is a fine balance to create the outcome that you want.

The balance of quantum particle science shows us that our greatest potential is just being discovered. What stands between us and our experiencing this great potential that the universe holds for us – is our belief. Our beliefs are actual measurable quanta of energy that we can charge in very precise ways to affect changes in our life.

As we begin to experiment and use this potential as an application we will feel the impact on our lives, on the lives of others and on the world. It is at this mystical juncture that we glimpse the real purpose of our lives and the responsibility we have as one of those who know the secret of the Spiritual Hologram.

What is the Aether?

Akasha (Akash, Ākāśa,) is the Sanskrit word meaning ‘aether’ in both its elemental and metaphysical senses.

Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D., a former Professor of Philosophy is the recipient of four Honorary PhDs and was nominated for the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize. In his book, Science and the Akashic Field, he writes extensively about akash, also known as the ‘aether’ or ‘spiritual energy’ of the hologram.

Dr. Laszlo explains that aether describes the spirit that exists beyond matter, the ephemeral substance out of which all material comes from. It is a sea of energy that holds everything that has ever occurred. He also maintained that the aether holds our every thought, action and emotion; it is a virtual record of our past, present and future.

Max Planck, German Physicist and the father of Quantum Theory also believed there was an aetheric field and that it held a wholly intelligent energy that is omniscient.
In Italy 1944, Max Planck said, “There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force, which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

This interpretation of ‘mind reality’ has had lots of company. Sir Roger Penrose, Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford, offered up his theory on consciousness in the field by stating that “…consciousness comes from the Planck scale field and it is in this field of consciousness that we have the ability to impact.” There is also Edwin Schrodinger’s wave equation that demonstrates the interactions between particles and potential fields in addition to Belle’s Theorem of non-locality, which predicts that there is instant communication in the aetheric field.
Most physicists try to sidestep the issue of ‘consciousness’ and what it may actually be. However, they do acknowledge that there does appear to be connection between the conscious choice of experiment and the outcome of the experiment. In other words, we get what we are looking for.
Some physicists, most notably Roger Penrose, believe that current physics cannot explain consciousness, and that consciousness itself has a link to the strange quantum realm. Unfortunately, consciousness is a realm of discussion that few scientists want to engage in.

Carl Sagan once said that; “It is the responsibility of scientists never to suppress knowledge, no matter how awkward that knowledge is, no matter how it may bother those in power. We are not smart enough to decide which pieces of knowledge are permissible and which are not.”

Closing the door without full investigation and discussion doesn’t seem like an approach that the scientific method requires. The entangled studies of science and spirituality, matter and consciousness will eventually converge. It is becoming apparent that consciousness came before matter, not the other way around. For example, the idea of an ‘Akashic’ record as a metaphysical concept is comparable to the laws that operate in the Spiritual Hologram. Moreover, the laws of physics decree that a record of everything must exist and there are numerous ways to prove this. In geology, there are tree rings, carbon dating fossils, and its sediment layers. In astronomy, we see the stars as they were, not as they are. We see the sun’s rays nine minutes after the fact. We have records in archaeology and anthropology. Even reverberation is a testament to the hologram’s record. Every sound that has ever been uttered gets fainter and fainter but it never totally goes away. Even after you die, your voice is still embedded in the atmosphere and the walls around where you lived. How unusual is this? Not very. We record sounds every day on audio and video tapes and in a similar manner, the aetheric field of the Spiritual Hologram holds our thoughts in the same way that a tape recorder or computer chip can hold our voice.

This spiritual field holds the physical imprint of consciousness. Electroencephalograms (EEGs) measure brainwave activity. These machines pick up the electrical activity generated. Every thought we have generates a particular signal. The aether picks up these thoughts and the imprint is permanent. Every thought is a signal, a frequency imprinted in the aether. Consciousness’ physical nature is the necessary carrier of thought as manifested through, with and in the hologram. Thoughts are able to create matter because consciousness is a true force, perhaps even the fifth force in the universe. These thought ‘forms’ come in contact with this spiritual aetheric field and become eternally imprinted on the hologram. Over time our thoughts can manifest externally due to the build up of energy that our mind gives to it.

We all leave imprints on the holographic field, our every action and thought is there. What determines the impact of a thought on this field is the number of times we have a thought multiplied by the emotion we have about that thought. For example, an old love affair has its own energy imprint in the field. This memory exists by virtue of how much thought energy you put into reminiscing about it. It will dissipate with time as less and less mental energy is put into it. Then one day each forgets the other almost entirely. Time heals all wounds as a slow letting go of ‘mental energy’ to a situation. However, there will always be a faint imprint, as a mist of memory must remain for our retrieval.

State of the Believer

Prayer, supplication, intention, incantation, law of attraction – these all work as a result of flow (of belief) from the user. The user is the instrument and results are in equal proportion to the belief.
The common thread is this; they pray in a state of belief and thanksgiving. As Jesus said “it is your belief that has healed you.” Mark 10:52

As a result of my studies, I am convinced that all the various methods of mystical teachings, the mental sciences, the law of attraction, and the usual orthodox faith teachings work. They work in equal measure, but only to the extent that their followers believe. Be it prayer, supplication, intention or attraction, the results arrive as a direct cause of the person’s belief, usually.

I say usually, because there are examples of many people who achieved greatness or success in life or in spirit, without any supplication or belief of the power they are wielding. But it is still the power of their vibrational belief in that they are confident they will achieve. It is expected without doubt that they will and should have it and so they do. Sometimes ignorant expectation and entitlement brings great things. Perhaps it shouldn’t, but it does.

Giving up Aether’s Secrets

There is a special talent to creating matter from energy through the use of thought. First keep in mind the natural electromagnetic waves that emanate from our thoughts also impact on the aether around you.

An idea originates in the mind and all thoughts and words become imprinted on the aether. This is because there is a creation of plasmatic energy from the electrical current of your thought. This electromagnetic thought produces a plasma of energy floating in your aura. For now, visualize this thought as forming into a material ball of plasma energy right in front of you.

You can do one of two things with this thought, one, you can let this thought drift from your mind and it will become as wisp of smoke that will dissipate in time because you haven’t added any energy to its mass. Or two, you can meditate or contemplate this thought over and over until your repetitive attention has created an energetic pattern in the field which will remain permanent. It all depends on the amount of time and effort you put into this ideal. I say ideal, because in reality (this dimension) it is a wish or a hope for a future outcome for your life.

In ancient texts and esoteric literature there is much written about the power of emotion and how this adds energy to what we are trying to achieve. What is not explained however, is the process on how to focus this emotion.

Emotion comes from a raw, undisciplined part of us and when it is coupled with the logic of our thought we should be moving this ‘plasma of energy’ into the feeling center of our heart.

The human heart has many times more the electrical activity than that of the brain. This has been scientifically measured and it shows that the real power of emotion is the feeling from our hearts. We actually produce electromagnetic imprints on the field.

To create our ideal we need to move those thoughts from our minds into our hearts as this projects thought’s electromagnetic energy into the aether. This action builds a permanent structure in the aether and that is what gives rise to the hologram noticing the ‘signal’ we have put out there. The Universe has to respond, it is a fundamental law of itself.

For most of man’s existence on earth we were unaware we had a brain or a heart. We didn’t understand the circulatory system, let alone understand how the endocrine system, cells, molecules or chemicals of emotions worked. And it was only recently that we discovered that our bodies generated electricity, light and a magnetic field.

Our subtle energy systems are real and though we haven’t unlocked the mystery of the aether, we are close because evidence points to its existence.

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