Our Part in the Hologram

Creation is a gigantic hologram over which we have more influence than is generally understood or believed.

Through proper training each person has the potential to be an active creator within this holographic structure, thereby increasing their physical, emotional and mental wholeness.

Not only is each person a part of the whole aetheric field, we also contain the ‘whole’ within us. The aether is holographic and it is spiritual because we are tiny fragments of God who created us. But we are not God. Not even close. However, we can all access the God-Potential to create goodness and love in the world; this is our gift from God, the choice to assist in the raising of the earth and each other.

That is our purpose, made in God’s image of ‘creator’, we are invited to light up our tiny fragment of the hologram because it makes a difference. Our tiny piece in the spiritual hologram truly impacts the whole and the world can be made whole by one. It begins with you.

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