Akashic – Myth or Necessity?

The Akashic record, a theoretical mental structure that contains the entire history of the world is a metaphysical concept which the laws of physics decree that it must exist.

And there are numerous ways to prove this. In geology there are tree rings and carbon dating fossils and its sediment layers. In astronomy we see the stars as they were, not as they are. We see the sun’s rays nine minutes after the fact. We have records in archaeology and anthropology. Even reverberation, every sound that has ever been uttered gets fainter and fainter, but does it ever completely disappear? It diminishes, but it never totally goes away. Even after you die your voice is still embedded in the atmosphere and the walls around where you lived. How unusual is this? Not very, we record sounds every day on audio and video tapes. In a similar manner the aether holds our thoughts in the same way that a tape recorder or chip holds our voice

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