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A Future Historical Perspective

In a generation or two, people are going to look back and say, “I think a real change in human consciousness began around the year 2012.” There will exist a deep awareness that something profound happened in terms of human awareness.

Edgar Cayce would say that it is something we should tap into. In fact, on one occasion he gave this very reading to a woman and told her that, “Only those who are actually preparing for a New Age will ever become aware of what is going on around them.” In other words, we might be entering into a New Age but many people won’t have a sense that anything is different.

Maybe you were one of those who woke up on December 22, 2012, and said, “Well nothing happened.” But in truth, there is a huge change of energy going on, and as the Cayce readings suggest, if we want to be a part of that, we should begin to apply the highest ideals in terms of our relationships with other people and with our connection to the Divine.

It is time we connected with the spiritual side of our selves, no matter what our religious beliefs. The world is in a heap of trouble from impending financial collapse, environmental disasters and increasing violence in many regions of the world. There is rampant greed, inequality and injustice. The root of all of these problems is only one thing; selfishness.

Consciousness needs to make a shift to compassion and concern for each other, because what affects one person impacts the whole world. We are just beginning to wake-up to the fact that, on this little blue planet, we are all dependent on each other. We cannot escape the consequences of the decisions that each other makes.

Human beings are now on the edge of a new world of cooperation, peace and love. You can become one of those who are ‘aware’ and be one of those who takes part in bringing this about. Only a small portion of the population is needed to bring light to the darkness. Have no doubt this is going to happen, it is only a matter of time. Reach out to your destiny and join in prayer with those who are preparing for a world full of Divine love.

Hologram of a Light-Body

All of our personal time exists in a photosphere aura that surrounds us as our mental body. This mental body sustains our ‘current form’ of how we look now, while still holding information from our past, so as to construct the persona and age that we are in the present.

The human aura surrounds us with all the experiences, words and thoughts we have had since our birth. In the present moment we exist in the center, but these imprints are all around in our aura. It is ethereal record that mystics read. Time moves from this center, outward in a circular spiral around our bodies.

Now leap to this idea; world history also moves in the same way. At a dark period in history, the world’s emotional climate was centered on dark, heavy and negative currents. At other times various cultures and civilizations lived in gilded ages where people were productive and co-existed in harmony. These enlightened times were achieved by a shift in thinking by only a small portion of the population. You matter in the hologram and it does matter that your center is living in the positive because your positivity is part of the whole.

“Psychologists, Anderson and Bentov originated the thesis that the entire information in the universe was encoded holographically in the energy pattern that constantly bombards us.”

The whole needs positive light to change the hologram and to shift its center to the light. Only a small portion of the world’s population needs to reach this compassionate state in order for it to be reflected in the hologram, and literally we can become the light of the world.

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