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Potential of the Aether

The aether (aka the field or matrix) contains the solutions to all of our problems, the majority of which, especially the small ones, self-solve themselves there. A great intellect isn’t required either since the solution already exists in the aether. The rule is this; if we don’t go into the maze and don’t interfere with the potential of the aether, a solution will come by itself. Moreover it will be the optimal solution.

Remember all problems contain coded keys to its own solution. The very first key is to move along the path of least resistance. Desire and wishing always creates excessive wanting. Intention does not wish for it, it simply acts.

Anxiety occurs because you are worried that you won’t get want you want. But that is the problem with wanting. A want differs from intention, by its probability of it not coming true. An intention is a declaration of having it – that’s that. For example an intention to be able to give an excellent speech should carry the same aetheric potential as your intention to go down to the store to buy milk. There is no desire in that situation; it only exists the moment you decide to go through with it. The probability of the store being out of milk is very slim and if you can’t buy milk, it won’t be a disaster. That is how intention in this situation if free from desire and any excessive anxiety and that is how intention for anything in your life should be approached.

Trust that you will get what you want by radiating on the frequency of those tracks, where you already have what you want, because this is what increases the odds that you will.

To get closer to having your intention take place you must lower its significance. External influence has nothing in common with our internal intention to affect the world.

External influence cannot be obtained using internal intention, no matter how strong it is. It is a difficult and ephemeral condition to describe. It is like making a transfer along your life tracks, where you jump to another point in the aetheric web. For example if you want to move from illness to health, you first move from point ato point bmentally. In this you are jumping in the aether from one place to another in the web. You must first do it mentally if you expect to see it unfold in the physical dimension.

These things do happen once the soul and mind agree on something. When this condition of agreement has been fulfilled, a resonance is created between the radiation of mental energy and the external force, which catches us and transfers us to a corresponding sector in the aether. Remember the laws of polarity; health is on one end of the scale and its and corresponding vibration of illness is on the other end, just like wealth and poverty, fear and love, etc.

External intention is the force that essentially makes aether sliding happen. It’s not entirely understood why this force exists and where it comes from. I think it is a component of the creator potential. The important thing is that we know this force exists and that we can use it without fully understanding how it works.

External intention indicates that it is possible for consciousness to move along the points of the aether. It works the same as gravity, if you stand by the ledge on a roof, nothing happens, but when you take a step forward, gravity happens.

It is a law, an agreement between your soul and mind for your intention to occur. It is to be done without attachment to the outcome. Attachment gives rise to doubt because while the soul sees what it wants, the mind is tangled in a net of common sense of how it should happen.

This is why ‘seeing’ the end result and letting go of how it will happen, is what will bring about your intention. Work on your goals as you live from day to day and don’t worry over the details of how it will all come about. Keep the end goal in mind without attaching importance. This is key to how you enter into the flow and ebb of life in the space-time of the aether.

There is a way of manipulating matter (rites of flow) and energy (will to will) so as to produce what modern science calls a ‘field of force’. This field acts on you as the observer and puts you in position of opportunity in relation to the universe.
You must become what you will to become. The universe is on your side and once the intention is set in motion there is only one way to stop this event; by producing another energy field.

Therefore, if you discover your field of force going in the wrong direction you have the means to change it. However, you must first recognize where you are in the universe and determine what it is you want to be.

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